28 years in the making

BoomX Media Productions, LLC owns and operates this site,  www.boomxlegalplans.com, and the BoomX Acadey at www.boomx.biz.

This site is unique because it products legal plans, not just legal documents.  While the deeds and even the LLC formation app can be used as a one-off transaction, the true value is the proper implementation of the documents as part of an asset protection plan.  Implementation solutions are presented at the academy site.  

This site is also different because it is streamlined.  You may opt for your legal documents to be mailed to you, certainly.  However, deeds are electronic.  LLC formations are digital.  More and more states are moving towards passage of the electronic wills act.  When you create your legal document using our app, the documents are created and emailed to you instantly.  You may store them on the implementation site as well.  

The chatbot runs on the chatGPT 3.5 chasis.  Is a a open language chat.  Is it reliable? It is reliable to give information on topics related to estate planning, business formation, and deeds.  The documents are NOT created by chatGPT.  Rather, they are specifically coded by an attorney, who uses the same apps to generate legal documents for his clients.  chatGPT is more reliable than Mr. Google, most humans, and many attorneys.  It won’t give you advice, but it can answer your questions about wills, trustss, probate, etc. 


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